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Early beans weathering cool temps

Author: Angela McClure, Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist No Comments

Based on planting reports, we look to have more true ‘early’ beans than we have had in the past three or four years.  A cool front this week and nighttime temps down in the forties have had folks ask about effects on soybean. Soybeans are pretty tolerant to air temps above 45 F after emergence, but are sometimes affected through chilling if soil temperatures are cold enough at the wrong time. Chilling injury is most likely when soil temperatures are cold (less than 50°F) at planting rather than becoming cold 24 hours or more afterwards. The longer the seed is in the ground at warm soil temperatures before cold temperatures occur, the less likely we are to have chilling injury.  Chilling injury appears as swelled seed that may sprout but the hypocotyl fails to elongate.  Sometimes plants will emerge but are smaller and less thrifty in appearance or stand is reduced.

If you are planting into heavy residue (i.e. cover crops), check soil temp prior to planting if you are concerned about cooler temperatures.  As long as temperatures are around 50°F or higher at planting depth for 24-48 hours after planting there should be no seed injury due to cold temperature. Delaying planting until mid/late morning will give ground time to warm up a bit during this cool front.  Fortunately, our cool weather episodes have been transient and our lows haven’t been all that low for crops like corn or soybean.  Of course, a good fungicide and insecticide seed treatment will help protect stand in cooler and variable soil conditions.

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Crop Progress – NASS Tennessee

Author: Chuck Danehower, Extension Area Specialist - Farm Management No Comments


Corn planting is nearing completion in parts of the state and soybean and cotton planting are progressing well. Wheat producers made good progress this week applying fungicides in anticipation of potential infections. Dry conditions in East Tennessee caused pasture condition to decline. There were 4.6 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture was 2 percent very short, 16 percent short, 62 percent adequate and 20 percent surplus. Continue reading at TN_05_02_16.

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Tennessee Market Highlights

Author: Chuck Danehower, Extension Area Specialist - Farm Management No Comments

Corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat were up for the week. Corn net sales for export were almost double pre-report estimates at 85.1 million bushels for the week of April15-20. Immediately following the export sales report on Thursday, July corn futures increased 5 cents. Currently, total export commit-ments (outstanding sales + exports) total 1.459 billion bushels (540 million bushels of outstanding sales plus 919 million bushels of accumulated exports), 191 million bushels short of the USDA’s 2015/16 marketing year projection of 1.65 billion bushels, with 19 weeks remaining in the marketing year. To achieve the USDA projection, net sales would need to average just over 10 million bushels per week. Continue reading at Tennessee Market Highlights.

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UT Crop Marketing Update 4/28/2016

Author: Danny Morris, Ext Area Specialist - Farm Management No Comments

Corn: Corn has been trading sideways this week. However, corn prices are still above the recent lows that we saw take place at the end of March. Better corn sales has contributed to the increase in corn prices. According to the today’s USDA export report, net sales of 2.2 million metric tons established a marketing year high for 2015/2016. This is an increase of 80% over the previous week. Actual exports were a tad lower than last week’s levels.

Planting is advancing rapidly across the U.S. According to the April 25, 2016 Crop Progress 30% of the U.S. corn crop is planted. This is almost double the planting progress that we saw at the end of April of 2015. Continue reading

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Weed Tour – Wednesday June 22

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist No Comments

Dear Colleagues

The University of Tennessee Weed Tour will be held Wednesday, June 22 at the West Tennessee Research & Education Center in Jackson, TN (605 Airways Blvd).  Registration will start at 8:30 A.M. and the tour will begin at 9:00 A.M.  It will end about 11:30. We will have breakfast biscuits available before the tour starts. Continue reading

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