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Soybean Scout Schools in July

UT’s Soybean Scout Schools will be held in July (see below). Additional details will be posted as they become available. These field-side programs cover the basics of soybean growth, scouting, pest identification, and general management. Pesticide recertification and CCA CEU points will be available. Scout Schools are offered free of charge with sponsorship from the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board. Registration is not required. Participants will receive a scouting notebook and a sweep net while supplies last. Continue reading

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Managing Early Season Plant Bugs in Cotton

Good early-season management of tarnished plant bugs relies on a sweep net, monitoring square retention, and making timely insecticide applications as needed. During the first two weeks of squaring, the recommended treatment threshold is an average of 8 or more plant bugs per 100 sweeps. After that, treatment is recommended anytime of infestations average 15 or more plant bugs per 100 sweeps Continue reading

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Moth Trapping Data

Corn earworm (bollworm) moth

A reminder that moth trapping data are updated weekly at, and you can also access these data on the Quick Links of this site.  Pheromone-baited traps are run for corn earworm (bollworm), tobacco budworm, and southwestern corn borer.

With the exception of some notable hotspots for southwestern corn borer, moth trap catches are generally low, as typically observed this time of year.

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Tennessee Weather and Crop Progress Report


Following dry, hot weather that had started to negatively impact the State’s agricultural conditions, rains last week ruled and improved those circumstances. Most producers were able to get their first cuttings of hay harvested before the rains set in. Industrial hemp transplanting started and wheat harvest is expected to start soon. There were 4.4 days suitable for fieldwork last week. Topsoil moisture rated 2 percent very short, 10 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 16 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture rated 1 percent very short, 13 percent short, 75 percent adequate, and 11 percent surplus. You can read the rest of the weekly weather report for Tennessee at this link: TN Crop Weather 06_10_19. You can also read the U.S. crop progress report here: US Crop Progress 06_10_2019.

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