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2024 Cotton Focus on Wednesday, Feb 7th

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The 2024 University of Tennessee Cotton Focus is coming up on February 7th from 8AM to 1PM in Jackson, TN at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center (605 Airways Blvd Jackson, TN 38301).  Lunch will be provided and CCA, Commercial Applicator and Master Row Crop Points will be available.  Tulum will be catering lunch.

We have several excellent speakers that will provide very valuable insight into several important decisions that we will have to make during 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Demonstrating Environmental Stewardship

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Dear Tennessee Producer:

We invite you to participate in a study conducted by University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture researchers along with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this survey is to demonstrate the progress Tennessee farmers are making towards environmental stewardship.

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary. NO personal information or data is collected.

Click the link below to begin the survey:

Please contact us if you have any other questions about the survey. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us!

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Chris Boyer (

Dr. Aaron Smith (

Dr. Forbes Walker (

UT Institute of Agriculture, The University of Tennessee Knoxville

John McClurkan (

Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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2023 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results now available

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The 2023 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results (PB 1742) are now available online.  Included within these results are thirteen large strip trials (CSTs) testing 13 XtendFlex commercial varieties, four large strip trials (CSTs) testing 6 Enlist commercial varieties, and eight small plot trials (OVTs) testing 44 experimental and commercial varieties.

Special thanks to all of the agents and producers who helped generate this data.  Additionally, thanks to the USDA Classing Office in Memphis for assisting with this effort.  If you have any questions on location response or variety placement, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your county agent.

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2023 Soybean OVT Prelim

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Prelim results from the 2023 TN soybean OVT are now available as pdf (2023 Soybean Tables, 2023 Soybean Tables Appendix) and excel files (2023 Soybean Tables, 2023 Soybean Tables Appendix). Seventy-one varieties were evaluated in small plot replicated trials (REC) at 8 sites. In addition to yield, moisture, lodging, maturity, oil, and protein, data were collected on diseases, including frogeye and SDS, at locations where these diseases were present. The final CST data and disease trials are not in the prelim report but will be included in the final version to be posted here and on Varieties that were in the A group in the OVT are listed below.

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2023 County Standardized Trials-Soybean Data

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This year’s soybean CST class consist of 61 varieties covering late 3’s to early 5’s maturity groups.  These trials are split by both maturity groups and herbicide tolerance, Late III, Early IV, Late IV, and Early V, and by Xtend and Enlist.  These trials were planted on-farm across the state in 63 county demonstration plots.

If you have questions about UT’s variety testing program, please contact your local county agent.

Thanks to all who contribute to these trials and your support to the program.

Click on the table below to enlarge data in pdf form.

Late III Xtend

Early IV Xtend

Late IV Xtend

Early V Xtend


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2023 County Standardized Trials-Corn

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39 Corn Hybrids were evaluated in the 2023 CST program.  With the weather we had this summer, our yields are very strong with an overall average across all hybrids and locations over 210 bu/ac. With the many locations/replications in these trials, we can look at performance across many soil types and weather/climate conditions that you can use to help select high yielding, consistent hybrids to bring to your farm.  Contact your local county agent for more details or if you need a print out of this data.

These CST plots are large strip trials located ‘on-farm’ with a minimum of 300 feet in length.  Inputs and management decisions are on a by location basis and determined by the cooperating producers.  Three relative maturity groups divide the trials, Early Corn will be 113 day and earlier, Medium Corn will be 114-116 day, and Full Corn is 117 day plus.  Thank you to everyone involved in the CST program for your support and contributions: County Agents, UT Extension/Research, Growers, Industry, Retail.

Below are the results for our 3 RM groups.  Click on the table to open a PDF of these tables.  These results can also be accessed on

Early Corn <114 day

Medium Corn 114-116 day

Full Corn >116 day

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