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Early season tobacco tips

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Authored by Mitchell Richmond and Zachariah HansenNow that everyone is washing their tobacco setters [transplanters] to be garaged until next year, it is a great time to think about some of the crop management decisions for the upcoming field season.  These decisions may include solutions for pest control in your tobacco crop. Continue reading

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Research and education-Two surveys

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The purpose of these two surveys as part of a multi-institution grant on climate change research and education is to gain additional insight on the ‘Water quality’ and ‘Soil carbon markets’ issues.  The time required to complete these surveys should be no more than 10 minutes. Please complete the surveys. If you have any additional questions regarding these surveys, please contact the lead PI, Dr. Rachna Tewari, at

PS: This being an exploratory study, anyone engaged in agriculture or livestock production of any scale could complete the survey.  The survey has been approved by UTM IRB as an exempt study.

Water quality:

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The New !!!

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If you haven’t noticed, our website has gotten a facelift.  You may not recognize it when you first visit us at  However, it’s organized similarly to the old version.  I’m sure there are a few bugs that need to be fixed, but take a look!  This site gives you ready access to essentially all UT resources related to row crop production.


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Virtual Milan No-till Field Day … Available Now!

Follow the link below to experience the 2020 Milan No-till Field Day at your own pace! You can watch an entire tour by clicking on its name, or just one presentation by clicking on a specific title.

Please note, all links will open in a new tab. Closed captions are available by clicking the “CC” button on the right side of the video’s play bar.

Research Tours


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TN Crop Condition Report

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In West Tennessee, producers were wrapping up the harvest of winter wheat and the planting of soybeans. Other activities included spraying for pests and the cutting of hay. Mid-week rains arrived at just the right time to benefit tasseling corn and emerging soybeans. In Middle Tennessee, the completion of the first cutting of hay was delayed by wet weather. This same wet weather proved beneficial to row crops, however. Cattle began to show some signs of stress due to last week’s hot and humid conditions. The rest of the report can be read here: Tennessee Crop Conditon Report.


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