Ryegrass Weed Control in April

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Picture 1. Roundup PM 32 ozs/A 21 days after application

A good many reports from the field reflect what our research this spring has shown.  In short, clethodim is the herbicide of choice to control ryegrass.  Often clethodim tankmixed with glyphosate can improve the probability of better overall control.  Ryegrass control with glyphosate alone is much more hit and miss both in our research and in many fields this year (Picture 1).

Ryegrass control with glyphosate can improve if tankmixed with Reviton, Sharpen or Verdict. However, that level of control is not typically as consistent as with clethodim or a clethodim + glyphosate tankmix (Picture 2).  The order of most consistent ryegrass control from best to poorest is: clethodim + glyphosate > clethodim > Reviton + glyphosate > Verdict + glyphosate > Sharpen + glyphosate > glyphosate > glyphosate + dicamba.

Picture 2. Clethodim 16 oz/A 21 Days after application
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