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EPA Requests Comments on Acephate Cancellation Proposal

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The EPA is soliciting public comment on a registration review decision where the EPA proposes to cancel all uses of acephate, except for injections to non-food bearing trees. Acephate is widely utilized in Tennessee row crop agriculture and is a critical component of IPM programs. Cancelling an important crop protection product would place increased pressure on a limited number of control options available to producers.  We are encouraging agricultural professionals to comment to the EPA on the impacts acephate has on your production systems. If you need assistance with comments please contact your UT extension specialist. The link to comment is below. Deadline for comments is July, 1, 2024.


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Early season tobacco tips

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Authored by Mitchell Richmond and Zachariah HansenNow that everyone is washing their tobacco setters [transplanters] to be garaged until next year, it is a great time to think about some of the crop management decisions for the upcoming field season.  These decisions may include solutions for pest control in your tobacco crop. Continue reading

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