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Henbit and Purple Deadnettle

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Tennessee fields annually turn a purple color around April 1.  The weed henbit (Lamium amplexicaule L.) is the main cause for this color.  It has distinct purple flowers and is one of the most commonly found plants in our row crop fields.  However, there is a close cousin to henbit, purple deadnettle (Lamium purpureum L.), that is also adding to the purple color in many fields. Continue reading

Weed Management Pointers for Grain Sorghum

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It sounds like there is a little more interest in planting grain sorghum this spring compared to more recent years. As such producers who have never planted grain sorghum or have not planted it in years may be trying some this year.  With this in mind here are some pointers on weed management recommendations in grain sorghum. Continue reading

A Shift in Early Burndown Strategy

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Early Burndown.  The challenge to burning down grasses before planting has become increasingly difficult in the last half dozen years. There are two reasons for the sketchy grass control with the traditional burndown application of glyphosate + dicamba.  First, the continued evolution of glyphosate resistance in ryegrass, junglerice, johnsongrass and goosegrass have made that “go-to” burndown application inconsistent. Second, we have now documented that dicamba is consistently causing glyphosate to provide poor grass control.  As such our recommendation has been to change the “go-to” burndown from glyphosate + dicamba to glyphosate + clethodim.

The problem with using glyphosate + clethodim is that the burndown will miss, or be weak on, some broadleaf weeds, most notably glyphosate-resistant horseweed.   During the meeting circuit this winter, several have asked “Is there a herbicide that can be added to glyphosate + clethodim that will provide horseweed control while not sacrificing grass control?” This caused me to go back and examine burndown research we conducted 4 and 5 years ago with Elevore and Verdict. Continue reading

2021 Cotton Focus Video Series: Grass Management by Dr. Larry Steckel, Clay Perkins

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Our second series of presentations for the 2021 Cotton Focus Video Series are from Dr. Larry Steckel’s program.  Dr. Steckel and his PhD student, Clay Perkins, will be presenting  two topics for us- the first is ‘Grass Management in Xtend and Enlist Cotton’ and the second is ‘Characterization and Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Junglerice’.  We are extremely blessed to have Dr. Steckel in Tennessee and I’m excited to have these two very important topics covered, especially after the challenges we’ve faced with grasses in recent years.

You can find links to Dr. Steckel’s and Mr. Perkins’ presentations below.






Soybean Herbicide Trait Summary

Herbicide resistant traits available in soybean continue to increase.  It does not seem that long ago that there was either Roundup Ready or conventional soybean.  There are no less than eight different soybean herbicide resistant traits available today with the most recent being XtendFlex soybean.  Continue reading