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Bollworm Management in the Coming Weeks

Bollworm feeding on boll

Although  current moth activity remains relatively low, I’m expecting a peak of moth activity sometime beginning around August 5th through 10th. Bollworm (a.k.a., corn earworm) poses a significant threat to cotton and soybean, and particularly late planted soybean that are still flowering when the flight arrives. Below are some thoughts on managing for this troubling pest. Continue reading

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Dicamba-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Tennessee: Stewardship Even More Important

Picture 1. Palmer amaranth escapes after a dicamba + glyphosate application in a Gibson County cotton field.

Has Palmer amaranth evolved dicamba resistance in Tennessee?  Results from some of the greenhouse experiments this winter and spring as well as in field research this growing season would suggest that our state now has dicamba-resistant (DR) Palmer amaranth. These DR populations are established in Crockett, Gibson, Madison, Shelby, and Warren counties and likely several others. Continue reading

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Virtual Milan No-till Field Day … Available Now!

Follow the link below to experience the 2020 Milan No-till Field Day at your own pace! You can watch an entire tour by clicking on its name, or just one presentation by clicking on a specific title.

Please note, all links will open in a new tab. Closed captions are available by clicking the “CC” button on the right side of the video’s play bar.

Research Tours


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Insect Update from the Trenches

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Corn earworm (bollworm) moth

Cotton – Although plant bug populations remain lighter that usual, we are now seeing treatment levels in many fields. It’s time to switch to the drop cloth for best results. The treatment threshold for tarnished plant bug beginning at first flower is 3 tarnished plant bugs per drop cloth. You should maintain this threshold until about NAWF5+250 DD60s, at which time Continue reading

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Recording of 2020 UT Soybean Scout School

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Below is a link to the recorded presentation of the 2020 UT Soybean Scout School that was presented today via Zoom. Set aside a little time if you intend to watch. Also keep in mind that much of the same information is available on our other internet resources including and

Recording of Soybean Scout School (1h 46 min)

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