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Visual Symptoms: A Handy Tool in Identifying Nutrient Deficiency in Row Crops

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Generally, a nutrient deficiency occurs as a result of low soil nutrient levels. However, prevailing environmental conditions, soil properties, and growth conditions may restrict nutrient uptake and induce deficiencies in crops even if soil nutrient levels are deemed sufficient for optimum yield. For example, low or high soil pH, soil compaction, and excessively wet or dry soil may prevent nutrient uptake. A handy diagnostic tool to identify nutrient deficiency in crops is via visual symptoms. In some instances, this tool may not provide a definite diagnosis of the nutrient status of the plant. Keep in mind that there are other conditions that are cable of inducing symptoms that closely resemble those of nutrient deficiencies. Visual symptoms should be corroborated with tissue and/or soil testing. Adequate knowledge of visual symptoms and tissue testing may help guide corrective actions in-season or preventive action in the following season to avoid yield loss.

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Virtual Milan No-till Field Day … Available Now!

Follow the link below to experience the 2020 Milan No-till Field Day at your own pace! You can watch an entire tour by clicking on its name, or just one presentation by clicking on a specific title.

Please note, all links will open in a new tab. Closed captions are available by clicking the “CC” button on the right side of the video’s play bar.

Research Tours


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Moth Trapping Update

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A reminder that moth trap catches are reported weekly for corn earworm (bollworm), tobacco budworm, and southwestern corn borer. You can find these data under the Quick Links menu of this web site which takes you to the link below.

Corn earworm (bollworm) moth

We are also seeing an increase in bollworm moth catches. I’m hopeful many of these moths will target later corn rather than cotton or soybean, but Continue reading

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A Brief Insect Update (June 25, 2020)

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Tarnished plant bug (adult)

It’s been a generally quite week for insect problem but below are some reminders and suggestions.

Cotton:  Most cotton is past the stage where thrips are a concern.  Tarnished plant bugs will now be our primary focus for much of the season. Thus far, most reports indicate a slow and sporadic start with plant bugs, but treatments are now being made more widely.  However tempting, I encourage people to avoid using Continue reading

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