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Ryegrass Weed Control in April

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Picture 1. Roundup PM 32 ozs/A 21 days after application

A good many reports from the field reflect what our research this spring has shown.  In short, clethodim is the herbicide of choice to control ryegrass.  Often clethodim tankmixed with glyphosate can improve the probability of better overall control.  Ryegrass control with glyphosate alone is much more hit and miss both in our research and in many fields this year (Picture 1). Continue reading

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Cover Crop Burndown

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Good soybean stand in cover crop cereal rye

It is cover crop burndown time. There is no one size fits all recommendation for cover crop control.  It really depends on the environment and the cover crop species in the field.  With rain predicted over the next few days, one should be mindful that cover crop burndown can be tricky during periods of saturated soil conditions. This is particularly true with systemic herbicides where translocation of those herbicides to growing points can become limited. Continue reading

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Reminder- please complete the UTIA/TDA 2024 Environmental Stewardship Survey!

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Dear Tennessee Producer:

We invite you to participate in a study conducted by University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture researchers along with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this survey is to demonstrate the progress Tennessee farmers are making towards environmental stewardship.

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary. NO personal information or data is collected.

Click the link below to begin the survey:

Please contact us if you have any other questions about the survey. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us!

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Chris Boyer (

Dr. Aaron Smith (

Dr. Forbes Walker (

UT Institute of Agriculture, The University of Tennessee Knoxville

John McClurkan (

Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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Lily Weed Family Burndown

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Blue flowers distinguish grape hyacinth from wild garlic

There have been questions on control of wild garlic, grape hyacinth and in a few cases, star-of-Bethlehem. These three weeds, in the Lily family, are often mistaken for each other as they all derive from bulbs and are low-growing perennials. Continue reading

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