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Insect Control … last week for cotton … not so much for soybean

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Cotton – Even for our latest cotton, given an average frost date of around October 15, this is the last week you can likely justify insecticide applications to cotton. Based on average historical temperatures, the last effective bloom date was two week ago.  A late flurry of bollworm moth activity has forced some sprays this week, and most folks are electing to Continue reading

Insect Calls of the Week (August 1, 2019)

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I don’t think I have had a call about soybean all week, but my observations suggest we need to be scouting for stink bugs in our earliest beans, and in some areas, kudzu bugs. Thus far, caterpillar infestations have been very light. As the bollworm flight increases, closely scout for corn earworm in Continue reading

Thinking About Bollworm Management in Cotton

As of this today (July 24), the bollworm moth flight has not kicked off.  Traditionally, we will start seeing a significant increase next week or the first week of August. This year, I expect to see a gradual increase but an extended flight because of the wide range of corn planting dates.

Bollworm resistance to some Bt toxins (Cry1 and Cry2) in Bt cotton is now well documented Continue reading

Crunch Time for Cotton Insects

The 3-4 weeks after first bloom, and typically the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August, is a critical window to scout and manage insect pests. This is when we are setting the bolls that will contribute most to yield, and it’s also a time insects are most attracted to the crop (with plenty of susceptible fruiting structures to feed on). Most of the comments in this article will focus on plant bug and stink bug management. However, bollworm management will become a bigger factor by the end of the month. I’ll hit on that topic Continue reading

Reminder – Soybean Scout School This Week (7/17) in Dyersburg

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UT’s Soybean Scout Schools will be held in July (see below). These field-side programs cover the basics of soybean growth, scouting, pest identification, and general management. Pesticide recertification and CCA CEU points will be available. Scout Schools are offered free of charge with sponsorship from the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board. Registration is not required. Participants will receive a scouting notebook and a sweep net while supplies last. Continue reading