Round 3 with Armyworms Has Begun

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Fall armyworm larva in grass

We have yet another round of fall armyworms infesting bermudagrass here at the station.  Others have reported picking up some FAW larvae in late-planted soybeans.  On a good note, we can probably expect minimal impact from this generation of FAW except on some pastures and some lawns.  Most soybeans are past the stage where treatment for insects is necessary.  Many double crop and later planted soybeans are at R6 (full seed) and the treatment threshold for defoliation at R6 to R6 plus 7 -10 days is 30%, so beans can tolerate some defoliation.  It’s uncertain what effect the cooler temperatures and recent rainfall may have on the larvae, but we probably should not rely on weather taking care of the problem if high populations are present. Please refer to a previous blog for treatment recommendations.

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