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Insect Calls of the Week (July 3, 2019)

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Clouded plant bug adult

Plant bugs … I’d classify the overall plant bug pressure in cotton as average, although we are seeing a few more clouded plant bugs than in recent years. Until bolls are present, count tarnished and clouded plant bugs the same. Once bolls are present, I suggest counting clouded plant bugs as equivalent to 1.5 tarnished plant bugs when making a treatment decision, primarily because clouded plant bugs are more inclined to feed on bolls.  As cotton begins blooming, Continue reading

Managing Early Season Plant Bugs in Cotton

Good early-season management of tarnished plant bugs relies on a sweep net, monitoring square retention, and making timely insecticide applications as needed. During the first two weeks of squaring, the recommended treatment threshold is an average of 8 or more plant bugs per 100 sweeps. After that, treatment is recommended anytime of infestations average 15 or more plant bugs per 100 sweeps Continue reading

Moth Trapping Data

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Corn earworm (bollworm) moth

A reminder that moth trapping data are updated weekly at, and you can also access these data on the Quick Links of this site.  Pheromone-baited traps are run for corn earworm (bollworm), tobacco budworm, and southwestern corn borer.

With the exception of some notable hotspots for southwestern corn borer, moth trap catches are generally low, as typically observed this time of year.

REMINDER – UT Cotton Scout School (Friday, May 31, 2019)

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The UT Cotton Scout School is scheduled for the last Friday of the month, May 31st, at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center (605 Airways Blvd, Jackson). There is no fee, and preregistration is not required. Registration begins at 8:00 AM with the program starting at 8:30. Content will include classroom and hands-on training with an optional ‘go-to-the-field session’ after a box lunch. Topics covered will include cotton development and identification and symptoms of insect pests, plant diseases, and weeds.

Pest Issues on the Radar

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Well it’s a start anyhow. Most folks are dodging weather trying to get seed in the ground. With limited crops emerged, it is not too surprising that I’ve not been getting many calls about pest problems. The most frequent calls are listed below, along with some management tips and some photos. Continue reading

A Reminder About Armyworms

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Each year, about this time, I end up writing essentially the same article. There have been a couple of reports of armyworms in wheat. Nothing crazy but much of the wheat is still in the milk stage and would be susceptible to excessive defoliation. Occasionally, armyworms may even cut the heads, typically when populations are high. Yield loss is most likely if defoliation occurs during the milk stages, with Continue reading