2023 County Standardized Trials-Wheat Data

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In fall of ’22, we planted 21 wheat varieties from 7 companies in 8 county trials, and the yield results in.  Very good yields again this year, especially with early concerns from some delayed planting last fall combined with a wet spring and late freeze that hit much of TN.  The varieties we are planting in TN are much better than what we had just a decade ago!  These varieties have been selected to be more suitable to our wetter climate and our yields seem to be more stable and predictable based on management and inputs.

With our 21 varieties at 8 locations, we had an overall average of over 92 bu/ac, with location averages ranging from 136 to 61 bu/ac.

All CST’s are: on-farm, large strip trials and are managed and maintained by each county’s cooperating  producer/s.  Thank you to all the County Agents and growers who contributed to this data.

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