County Standardized Trials Corn Data

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Yield data from our County Standardized Corn Trials are in.  With extended drought and heat, much of our corn was stressed and decreased yields were common. While we did experienced areas of low yields, having a high number of locations serving as replications allows for a high confidence level statistically.

These CST plots are large strip trials located ‘on-farm’ with a minimum of 300 feet in length.  Inputs and management decisions are on a by location basis and determined by the cooperating producers.  Three relative maturity groups divide the trials, Early Corn will be 113 day and earlier, Medium Corn will be 114-116 day, and Full Corn is 117 day plus.

Below are the results for our 3 RM groups.  Click on the table to open a PDF of these tables.  These results can also be accessed on

Thank you to everyone involved in making this program happen.  It wouldn’t be possible without all the County Agents, Cooperating Producers, Seed Industry Representatives, and others involved.

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