Management of Volunteer Xtendflex Soybeans in Xtendflex Cotton

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What are some options to control volunteer XtendFlex soybeans in XtendFlex cotton fields?  This issue is something that we need to do research on as there is no data. As such in answering the question one has to rely exclusively on experience. Unfortunately, all the experience that I and my Midsouth colleagues have does not hint at a real good option to remove these volunteers.

Some have stated they plan to try Envoke.  In my experience, where Envoke was sprayed on soybean in symptomology demos, one typically saw Envoke stunt soybeans but not really control them. The level of stunting will likely be impacted if the XtendFlex soybean also carries the STS trait.  If they have the STS trait one would estimate the volunteer soybeans would shake off the Envoke quickly.  Staple might be another option but you would likely expect similar if not less volunteer soybean response from that herbicide.

Probably, the surest option is to get the hoods or post direct rig out and apply diuron + MSMA or paraquat + diuron.  At least this option will control the volunteer soybeans in the row middles. Other than Envoke or Staple slowing the volunteer soybean’s growth down, there is no good option for soybeans in the cotton rows.

This new issue really points out how critical it is to harvest soybeans timely before they are prone to shatter and to take time to occasionally check settings on combines in soybeans. Prevention in this case is the best cure and at soybean prices at the granary this year, also the most profitable.

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