Insecticides – So Many Names!

By request, I am providing a list of active ingredients and trade names (see below). This does not include all examples. Feel free to make comments about other “generic” trade names you may be using. Please keep in mind that formulations may vary considerably, and thus, rates may need to be adjusted accordingly. Also, not all products be labeled for the same crops. It is your responsibility to follow instructions on the insecticide label. The information below is also available in UT’s insect control recommendations for field crops.


Active Ingredients (Common Brand Names) Additional Brands with Same or Similar Active Ingredient*
abamectin (Agri-Mek, Zoro) Abba, Epi-Mek, Temprano, Reaper
acephate (Orthene 90, Orthene 97) Acephate 90, Acephate 97
bifenthrin (Brigade, Discipline, Fanfare) Bifenthrin, Bifenture, Capture LFR, Sniper, Tundra
chlorpyrifos (Lorsban, Nufos) Chlorpyrifos, Govern, Lorsban Advanced, Warhawk, Yuma
cypermethrin (Ammo) Cypermethrin, Up-Cyde
esfenvalerate (Asana XL) Adjourn, S-FenvalorStar
imidacloprid (Admire Pro, Couraze Max) Alias, Imida, Imidacloprid, Nuprid, Pasada, Provado, Wrangler
methyl parathion (Methyl 4E) Methyl Parathion 4E, Penncap-M 2E
permethrin (Pounce 3.2E) Ambush 2E, Permethrin 3.2, Perm-Up
β-cyfluthrin (Baythroid XL) Tombstone (= cyfluthrin)
γ-cyhalothrin (Declare) Prolex, Proaxis
λ-cyhalothrin (Karate, Warrior II) Lambda, Lambda-Cy, LambdaStar, Silencer, Grizzly
Z-cypermethrin (Mustang Max) Respect
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One thought on “Insecticides – So Many Names!

  1. Scott- a few other trade names from Sanders Inc. proprietary insecticides

    Acephate- Livid 90 WDG/Livid 97 Prill
    Bifenthrin- Reveal
    Chlorpyrifos- Vesper
    imidacloprid- Provoke
    λ-cyhalothrin- Ravage

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