Meymik 15G (Temik Reincarnate)

Way back in December of 2011, I posted the article below.  It continues to receive and good number of hits, particularly from areas that traditionally used a lot of Temik.  So it seems time for an update.  Unless something changes quickly, it appears that no Meymik will find its way into the supply chain in 2013.  It is unclear if or when Meymik will actually be introduced into the U.S. marketplace.  Thus, aldicarb does not appear to be an option for the 2013 cropping season unless you have access to old supplies of Temik


The information below was originally posted December 31, 2011:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved AgLogic LLC’s registration of Meymik 15G, aldicarb pesticide, effective December 22nd 2011. This product is the same active ingredient and formulation as Temik 15G. The registration will ensure continued availability of aldicarb for pest control use on registered crops. The EPA approved Meymik 15G aldicarb granular pesticide for use on cotton, peanuts, sugar beets, dry beans, sweet potatoes, and soybeans to control certain nematodes, insects and mites.

Although we have greatly reduced the use of aldicarb (e.g., Meymik or Temik) in Tennessee during recent years, it still has continued utility in cotton for thrips control and provides the added benefit of protection from nematodes, especially at the 5 lb/acre use rate.

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8 thoughts on “Meymik 15G (Temik Reincarnate)

    1. Good question … best guess is similar to Temik but the price has not been established. Also, I do not know the availability of product for 2012.

    1. I’ve not been able to find out how it will be packaged yet. There were rumors it would not be available in lock and load containers, but I’m not sure that makes sense. If I were betting, I would guess it will be in short supply this coming year.

  1. Wasn’t aldicarb to be phased out by 2016 anyway? Is this still in place–i.e. is this just a short-term replacement?

    1. Actually, I think the phase out was planned even sooner. Your question is a good one. My best guess is that the company would not be pursuing Meymik if they thought it would disappear in few years. There is too much investment involved. As you can tell from the comment string, there are a lot of unknowns and I am having trouble finding details.

      1. thanks for the quick reply. Can you tell me what the most popular replacement programs were in 2011 (and planned for 2012) for growers that had relied on Temik? Were they generally successful?

  2. People that relied on Temik, primarily for nematode control, have been forced to switch to seed treatment options such as Avicta and Aeris. Nematodes are not a huge issue in Tennessee and these options appear mostly adequate for us. However, having talked with a number of plant pathologists, Temik at 5 lb per acre performs better where nematode problems are more substantial. So they are concerned that current seed treatments are not adequate.

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