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Cotton and Soybean Insect Update

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Cotton: Much of our cotton is within 7-10 days of when insect controls can be terminated, and it looks like this cotton may outrun the bollworm moth flight in many areas. Most the bollworm action appears to be pretty moderate and still primarily concentrated along the Mississippi River and south of I-40. Having said that, we are some seeing bollworm larvae slip through on Bollgard 2, WideStrike, and TwinLink varieties. It’s a numbers game. Continue reading

Cotton – Thinking Ahead About Bollworms

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It is uncertain how big our moth flight will be this year. As usual, bollworm moth catches have been generally low to this point. However, you can expect activity to slowly increase, with a peak in moth activity occurring the last week of July and the first week of August. With the decreasing efficacy of pyrethroid insecticides and increasing tolerance to some Bt toxins, you should plan on using Continue reading

Cotton – Crunch Time for Plant Bugs and Stink Bugs

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Now through the end of July is the critical time to manage infestations of plant bugs and stink bugs. Of course it varies considerably, but we are seeing more consistent infestations of plant bugs. Stink bugs have made a come back after very low populations last year. Clouded plant bugs are also a bigger part of the mix this year in some areas. I prefer the drop cloth during this time frame, using a threshold of 3 tarnished plant bugs on a drop cloth as the treatment threshold. As a rule of thumb, Continue reading

Soybean Insect Update

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Green stink bug nymph

Having done several scout schools this past week and spending some time on the phone, there doesn’t appear to be any major insect pest problems in soybean at this time. However, it is also clear that stink bug populations have rebounded from last year. Some early maturing fields are above the suggested treatment threshold of 9 stink bugs per 25 sweeps. Most are green stink bugs, and Continue reading

Updates – UT Soybean Scout School on July 6, 9 and 10

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UT Extension will be hosting three Soybean Scout Schools during July. Final details will be announced later, but these field-side programs last approximately 2.5 hours and cover the basics of soybean growth, scouting, pest identification, and general management.  Pesticide recertification and CCA CEU points will be available. Scout Schools are offered free of charge with sponsorship from the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board. Registration is not required. Participants will receive a scouting notebook and a sweep net while supplies last.

  • Friday, July 6 – 9:00 AM at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center, 605 Airways Blvd, Jackson, TN
  • Monday, July 9 – 12:30 PM – Beginning with a lunch at Wales Station Farms shop located at 540 Little Dry Creek Road Pulaski, TN …… and the Scout School will be held field side at 1:30 PM at 18498 Hwy 64 W, Pulaski, TN
  • Tuesday, July 10 – 9:00 AM at 8303 Clay Gregory Road, Orlinda, TN