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Managing Knotroot Foxtail in Pasture

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This is an update to a post run several years ago. You can also download a print-friendly PDF version of this article here, Knotroot Foxtail Facet L Fact Sheet-Revised.

Knotroot Foxtail
Knotroot foxtail is a warm-season perennial grass that is also known as knotroot bristlegrass or simply perennial foxtail. It is native to the Americas and can be found throughout Tennessee in hay fields, pastures, lawns, roadsides and waste sites.

Knotroot foxtail is difficult to control. Some of the most serious knotroot foxtail problems are in bermudagrass hay fields. The Continue reading

Perennial Foxtail Weed Update

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Co-authored with Jeff Via, UT Extension Fayette County

Last week, on March 28, 2011, Extension agents in Fayette and Shelby County along with help from BASF put out a research plot targeting perennial foxtail.  The plot is located on a field that was treated with varying rates of pedimethalin (Prowl H2O) and conducted where  1.5 quarts of Prowl H20 was applied along with  glyphosate as a dormant spray.   Continue reading

Perennial Foxtail Confirmed in Hayfields

Co-authored with Jeff Via (UT Extension, Fayette County).

For some time, Extension Agents have preached that properly managed pastures and hayfields can provide much of the feed needed for livestock (horses and cattle). We taught that when well-managed, theses forages can provide an inexpensive, high quality feed. Poorly managed pastures and Continue reading