Looking for a Podcast? – Check these out

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Ready to learn something while driving down the road or riding the tractor? Try out one of these podcasts …

Cotton Specialists Corner Podcasthttps://cottonspecialistscorner.buzzsprout.com/ – Extension Cotton Specialists and others from across the U.S. weigh in on a variety of topics that impact cotton producers, consultants, and the industry as a whole. Specifically, you can learn more about nematodes in cotton, on Episode 38 from specialists from Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee. Topics include nematode species prevalent in respective areas of the Belt, presence by soil type, levels of annual yield loss as well as control measures such as seed treatments, in-furrow and foliar products, considerations for sampling, utility of nematode resistant varieties and effective rotational crops by region.

I See Dead Plants Podcast https://sites.libsyn.com/416264 – features the stories of people and plants, pests and pathogens, and the conflicts among them. Join us as we speak to the folks who are helping the rest of us live healthier, more productive lives through pest management research and education. Specifically, you can listen to USDA-ARS Plant Pathologist, Dr. Alemu Mengistu on season 3, episode 10-11 – Charcoal Rot Chronicles: Unveiling the Terrifying Truth Behind the Soybean Menace

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