Control of Volunteer XtendFlex Soybean in XtendFlex Cotton.

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Picture 1. XtendFlex soybean infesting Xtendflex cotton.

A recent new “weed” issue in XtendFlex cotton is volunteer XtendFlex soybean (Picture 1). Recent research has shown that Envoke at 0.125 to 0.15 ozs/acre provides very good control as soon as 7 days after application (Picture 2).

Picture 2. Envoke providing good control of XtendFlex soybean in XtendFlex cotton.

The soybeans we conducted this research on were not Bolt or STS soybeans.  Control may not be as consistent with Envoke on volunteer soybeans with those traits. As such if the volunteer soybeans are Bolt or STS then use the higher 0.15 ozs/A rate.

It has been some time since Envoke was used.  Please be mindful that Envoke should not be applied to cotton until the 5th leaf is the size of a quarter. Even on cotton more mature than 5 leaf one can expect some crop response. The response will be some temporary stunting and leaf yellowing. It typically can replace about 8 ozs of Pix.

Envoke should be applied with an 80/20 non-ionic surfactant at a rate of 1 quart per 100 gallons.  Do not use a 90/10 surfactant and never apply it with Dual Magnum, Outlook or Warrant. Expect more crop response if Envoke is tankmixed with glyphosate or Liberty.

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