Soybean Yield Data-’22 County Standardized Trials

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As harvest comes to a close for the season, it’s time to make variety selections for the 2023 crop.  In 2022, the CST program tested 65 varieties at 39 locations across Tennessee.  Our soybean trials are split up by maturity group and herbicide tolerance.  For Xtend Flex varieties, we have a late group 3, early group 4, late group 4, and an early group 5.  For our Enlist varieties, we have a early group 4 and a late group 4 test.

These tables should be used to assist you in selecting high yielding varieties.  UT recommendations are based on non-bias, statistically backed data collected from our on-farm variety trials (CST’s) along with our  Official Varity Trials (OVT’s) conducted on our Research and Education Centers across the state.  Varieties in the ‘A’ group are recommended by UT.   If a variety has an * or multiple *’s, that variety has been in the ‘A’ group for consecutive years.  An orange cell indicates that variety is at or above the location’s average yield.

All of this data will be published on as well as covered in county productions meetings this winter.  If you need a hard copy of this data, please contact your local County Extension Office.

Thanks to all the Agents, growers, and industry for your support and cooperation in making this program possible.

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