Cotton Specialists’ Corner: Conversations on Harvest Aids

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The Extension Cotton Specialist Working Group, under the leadership of Dr. Seth Byrd, began a podcast earlier this year discussing management decisions and topics important to the industry.  In the past two weeks, two episodes have been released which cover harvest aids; the first includes comments from Steve Brown (AL), Camp Hand (GA), and Bill Robertson (TX) discussing methods for scheduling harvest aid applications and application strategies to optimize harvest aid performance; the second includes Guy Collins (NC), Matt Foster (LA), and Tyler Sandlin (North AL) discussing various harvest aid products, tanks mixes, and how to address late season crop issues through harvest aid product and rate selection.  These podcasts contain excellent content which will be extremely timely as we move into the next few weeks. 

The Cotton Specialist Corner can be accessed from Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, and several other podcast platforms OR you can access the podcasts, summaries and contributor information directly at Focus on Cotton under the Cotton Specialists’ Corner section. 
Special thanks to Cotton Incorporated for sponsoring this effort, Dr. Seth Byrd for leading the effort and Dr. Keith Edmisten for providing the music.

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