Mid-South soybean variety testing database survey

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Growing regions often cross state lines but variety test information is typically reported by state. To provide stakeholders with a clearer picture of variety performance, a project is underway to develop a web-based, Mid-South soybean variety testing database that allows end-users to summarize and filter yield, quality, and phenotypic data based on location characteristics that cross multiple states. This research is being performed as a collaborative project with the University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, NC State, and University of Arkansas and is funded by the United Soybean Board. Input from those involved in soybean production (grower, seed industry, Extension, crop advisor) is important for developing a product that best meets the needs of stakeholders. If you are interested in providing input for this research project, the survey can be found at soybeandatabase.questionpro.com (respondents must be 18 or older). If you have any additional questions regarding this project, please contact the lead PI, Dr. Virginia Sykes, at vsykes@utk.edu.

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