Tennessee Certified Pesticide Applicator Recertification, Dicamba and Paraquat Training in 2020.

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Tennessee Certified Pesticide Applicators must take recertification training in 2020. The recertification training is good for three years. In addition, those who will be spraying Engenia, Tavium, FeXapam or XtendiMax on Xtend crops must take dicamba training in 2020. A new addition from the EPA will be the requirement that anyone who purchases, mixes or applies a paraquat-containing herbicide to take the “How to Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products” training module.

Clearly, many applicators in Tennessee will need to take all the trainings to apply pesticides in 2020. In an effort to make this as efficient as possible University of Tennessee Extension has put together a module that will couple the dicamba training with the paraquat training. Applicators who attend this training will not only satisfy the dicamba and paraquat training requirements but also recertify their pesticide applicator license.

There are some Pesticide Applicators in the state who do not need the dicamba or paraquat training but still need to become recertified. Those folks can take a different hour-long recertification module that centers on glyphosate and other pesticide stewardship.

The dicamba and more general glyphosate stewardship modules were constructed by the University of Tennessee and will be available through your UT Extension office and later also available on-line. The paraquat training was developed by paraquat manufacturers as part of EPA’s 2016 risk mitigation requirements and is approved by the EPA.

Another change coupled with the new paraquat training is that Syngenta recently received a label for their new formulation of paraquat sold under the trade name of Gramoxone 3SL (3 lb ai/gal). Moreover, many rules regarding the purchase, handling, and application of paraquat are changing. Most notably, all non-bulk paraquat products (with new labels) must adhere to closed-system packaging requirements set forth by the EPA’s Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision by November 2020.

Current bulk handling systems already meet the new closed-system packaging requirements.  My understanding is the tank adaptors for 2.5 gallon containers should be available from dealers. Finally, research results from our 2019 field trials with the new Gramoxone 3SL formulation have shown very effective weed control.

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