Cotton Planting Forecast, 5/8-5/12

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  1. Most of you don’t need a blog article to recognize the opportunity this week presents. Although rain is in the forecast for Friday, it appears we will have a dry window until that rain comes through. Night temperatures were cool over the weekend but clear skies and steady winds helped to dry out many fields. Several planters were running today (5/7) and many who did not start will likely begin tomorrow.

According to the forecast for Brownsville, we should accumulate 46 DD60s over the next 5 days. This classifies as a ‘good’ window. Again, the forecast shows a significant chance for rain Friday (5/12) and the expected high will be in the mid 60s. I do not like planting prior to a cold front, but I believe this window represents a good opportunity.  Fortunately, the cold snap forecast for the end of this week does appear to be short lived and our soil temp should be buffered given the temperatures before and after the snap.  I’ll update at the end of this week.  For those in the field this week- safe planting and good luck.

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