Comment Period on Proposed Dicamba label for Roundup Xtend Crops is Ending

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The end of the EPA open comment period for registration of dicamba (specifically the product M1691) on Roundup Xtend cotton and soybean is May 31st.  I just checked and there is well over 4000 comments to date.  I opened a few and many are favorable and there are a good number that are not.  I know we are in the middle of planting but it might be good to let your opinion be heard as well.

There are several important components on this label you should be aware of.  The way the label is currently drafted there will be no herbicides that can be tankmixed with dicamba over the top of Xtend crops.  Every field must have a 110′ buffer around the edges where dicamba cannot be sprayed.  Clearly this will be an issue in our many small Tennessee fields. Finally, only one nozzle can be used and it is a TTI04. For more in depth analysis of these restrictions read Dr Alan York’s great comments at: Dr York’s comments

A pdf of the proposed cotton label can be found at!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2016-0187-0014.

The proposed soybean label, which is very similar to the cotton label, can be found at!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2016-0187-0015.

You can submit your comments to the EPA electronically at   Click on “Public Participation for Dicamba: New Use on Herbicide-Tolerant Cotton and Soybean.” On the next screen, click on “Comment Now.”  And then on the next screen that appears, there is a comment box where you can type in your comments.


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