Fall Armyworm Onslaught Continues

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Fall armyworms attack a wide range of grasses and other crops. Outbreaks have been reported on soybeans, sorghum, pastures and several other crops for over a month. We are having a biblical year with fall armyworm, especially in pastures and lawns. However, many are also wandering into the edges of soybean fields. My colleague, Dr. Frank Hale, recently sent the following information.


Dr. Scott Stewart, UT Extension Entomology Professor has an excellent article on fall armyworms in pastures on the UT Crops News Blog at:


For fall armyworm and common armyworm control on home lawns, refer to the Armyworms and Cutworms section of Insect Control for Home Lawns at:


For fall armyworm and common armyworm control, refer your professional turfgrass pest control clients to the Cutworms, Armyworms section of Commercial Turfgrass Insect Control , PB 1342 at: https://utextension.tennessee.edu/publications/Documents/PB1342.pdf


Dr. Rick Brandenburg, turf Entomology Professor at North Carolina State University, stated that “This year is proving to be the worse year on record for fall armyworms.”  Read more about this turfgrass pest outbreak at:   http://turffiles.ncsu.edu/Alerts.aspx#005612


Frank A. Hale, Ph.D.
Professor, Horticultural Crops Entomology
Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology
UT Extension
Soil, Plant and Pest Center

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