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Nutrient Deficiency – Nitrogen

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This is the first of several installments dealing with commonly observed nutrient deficiencies in corn and soybean.  Each week, a new macro or micro nutrient will be posted and discussed. The main objective of this series will be to discuss for each nutrient: (1) visual symptomology of deficiency, (2) plant and leaf tissue deficiency levels, (3) common causes of deficiency, and (4) in-season corrective measures. Continue reading

2023 Soybean Replant Decisions

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Soybean replanting decisions are almost always a tough call and a subjective decision.  In 2023, favorable planting conditions in late March and early April have resulted in quite a few acres being planted.  As we head into the month of May, let’s take a look at some objective factors that can help inform replant decisions. Continue reading

Early Planting and Growing Degree Days

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As warmer temperatures creep into the forecast each spring, farmers and researchers alike begin to consider just how soon to pull the trigger and put seed into the ground. While these early planting dates may fall slightly outside of what is considered nominal for corn and soybean, certain situations may still provide growers a window of opportunity for early planting. Continue reading