Tennessee Weekly Crop & Weather Report

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Dry weather last week paved the way for Tennessee growers to make marked progress on corn and tobacco harvest. Producer reported corn yields are better than earlier anticipated. Soybean harvest was just beginning last week and cotton was being defoliated. Plentiful amounts of hay was harvested and put up over the past week in most areas while in other areas, warmer temperatures have limited pasture growth and hay may need to be fed sooner this year. There were 5.5 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture rated 5 percent very short, 20 percent short, 69 percent adequate, and 6 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture rated 12 percent very short, 29 percent short, 56 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus. Continue reading at TN_09_10_18. The U.S. Crop Progress report can be read at CropProg-09-11-2018.

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