Tennessee Market Highlights

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Corn, cotton, and wheat were up; soybeans were down for the week.

A sharp rally on Friday allowed corn and wheat futures to finish the week up a couple of cents. Soybeans also had a strong finish Friday closing up 11-13 cents for the day, however, soybean futures were still down 9-12 cents for the week. Cotton moved mostly sideways for the second consecutive week. For now, the December cotton contract appears to  settling in an 80 ½ to 84 ½ cent trading range. Holding the bottom of this rage will be key as we move through September or prices may trend lower.

August was a disastrous month for commodity futures prices as trade disruptions and record projected domestic yields weighed heavily on markets. December corn opened the month at $3.86 ¼ and closed at $3.65, down 21 ¼ cents for the month. November
soybeans opened the month at $9.13 and closed at $8.43 ½, down 69 ½ cents for the month. September wheat opened the month at $5.55 ¼ and closed at $5.18 ½, down 36 ¾ cents for the month. December cotton opened the month at 89.39 and closed at 82.22, down 7.17 cents for the month. Continue reading at Tennessee Market Highlights.

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