Farmers and Suicide Prevention Web Page

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Please see the information below on the Farmers and Suicide Prevention web page created by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network in partnership with Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  There are some good publications on this website.  The web page can be found here – .

Farmers and Suicide Prevention

No population is immune to suicide, least of all farmers who face financial worries,  unpredictable weather, plant pests, livestock diseases, and isolation. With this information, TSPN is proud to debut a NEW PAGE on our website highlighting this at risk group partnering with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. With this partnership, TSPN is forming a Task Force to see how we can address this issue in Tennessee. As all those who have been impacted by loss or lived experience with suicide are important to us, we would like to hear your stories and get your involvement in this new Task Force. It is a priority to have those who work in this field represented on the Task Force and to hear from you how we can best impact this at risk group.  If you would like to submit a story or be a part of the Task Force please email

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