UT Extension Crop Budgets

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The 2018 Tennessee Row Crop Budgets were developed to assist producers and other  agricultural decision makers to evaluate the returns of different row cropping alternatives. The budgets developed use production alternatives, management strategies, machinery, and inputs that are commonly utilized in row crop production in Tennessee. Given the diverse nature of row crop production in the state, it is impossible to account for all possible production scenarios and circumstances. As such, this guide should be utilized to assist decision makers in their annual planning efforts. To develop a custom budget for a specific field or operation interested parties are strongly encouraged to use the Excel-based spreadsheet available for download below. The spreadsheet uses the same format as the budgets contained in the PDF documents; however, it allows the user to change yields, input quantities, input prices, machinery costs, and add additional costs that are specific to a field or enterprise. This allows users to adjust for region- and site-specific production methodology and input selections. Continue reading at UT Crop Budgets.

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