UT Crop Budgets Released

Author: Chuck Danehower, Extension Area Specialist - Farm Management Comments Off on UT Crop Budgets Released

The 2014 UT Crop Budgets have been released and can be found at  http://economics.ag.utk.edu/crop.html. Click under budgets, then Field Crop Budgets 2014. They can be downloaded in Excel or as a pdf. If you download the Excel version, I would encourage you to save it to your computer then give them a slighter different name and also save it. That way you will have a working copy to use, but if you should need the original you will also have it. However, you can always download it again if needed.

Several changes have been made to the 2014 budgets from previous years. Our budgets should be used as a guide with individual and specific yields, inputs, and cost information made to develop a producer’s own budget.  That said, I will list some of the changes that you may notice.

The 120 bushel & 150 bushel corn budgets are now one 150 bushel yield budgets. Added are irrigated budgets for corn, soybeans, and cotton. A cost for crop insurance has also been added in each budget based on the TN average cost for that crop from 2013. A line item with a cost for cash rent has been added. The number in the budget is $89 for dry land and $160 for irrigated. These are the 2013 NASS state average numbers and should be used as a point of discussion. More specific localized numbers should be used when available. A $15 per acre management labor cost is included in fixed expenses. Summary numbers are in the budget with specifics in the tables, i.e.,. one number for chemicals is in the budget with a breakdown of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides in the table.

Please note in the irrigation budgets, a cost is listed for Irrigation Energy Cost and Irrigation R & M. Again, these are only a guide and cost will depend on energy source, inches applied, and irrigation system. Also an irrigation fixed cost is also listed which is the irrigation system including well  cost spread over the life of the system.

These budgets should be used as a guide and individualized with a producer’s specific information.

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