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Roundup Ready Soybean Response to Dicamba Exposure

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The most recent inquires have been on what is the likely yield loss from dicamba drift to non-Xtend soybeans? These have come from fields that showed dicamba drift injury to the soybeans this summer and now are staying green delaying harvest this fall.

These questions have been frequent the last few years.  Research funded by the United Soybean Board was conducted in the Mid-south and Midwest this summer to help answer the question. Continue reading

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Corn Checkoff Vote – November 28-29, 2018

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On Wednesday, November 28 and Thursday, November 29, Tennessee corn farmers and landowners will be able to vote on a statewide checkoff referendum to consider a 1 cent per bushel assessment of corn sold. If the referendum passes, the funds will be used to finance a program of research, education, market development, marketing, advertising and other methods designed to promote the increased production, consumption, use and sale of Tennessee corn products.

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Tennessee Weekly Crop & Weather Report

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Drier conditions allowed farmers to resume harvest activities until late week rains forced them out of their fields again. Yield reports were mixed with some producers fearing that recent rains had adversely affected yields. Pasture conditions declined a bit with a few areas reporting frost, but, for the most part, conditions remained good. There were 3.9 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture rated 2 percent short, 74 percent adequate, and 24 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture rated 2 percent short, 82 percent adequate, and 16 percent surplus. Continue reading at  TN_10_29_18. The U.S. Crop Progress report can be read at CropProg-10-29-2018.

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Tennessee Market Highlights

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Corn and cotton were up, soybeans and wheat were down for the week.

Futures prices declined for the week as tepid weekly export sales numbers for corn and soybeans resulted in further concerns about dispersing this year’s large domestic crop. Soybean and wheat export commitments (outstanding sales and accumulated exports) are well behind the pace to meet USDA projections. Currently, wheat export commitments are 45% of the USDA’s marketing year goal. This compares unfavorably to last year at 68% and the five year average of 64% for the same time period. Similarly, soybean export commitments are at 38% of USDA’s marketing year total, compared to 50% last year and a five year average of 57%. Chinese tariffs have obviously played a substantial role in reduced soybean export commitments. However, these are troubling numbers during harvest when export sales are typically at their highest. Reduced exports will increase domestic carry-over and further decrease cash prices. Continue reading at Tennessee Market Highlights.

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Generic Base/Seed Cotton Program Meetings October 29-31

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University of Tennessee Extension is hosting 5 meetings to assist producers and landowners with finalizing their decisions regarding generic base acres and seed cotton as a result of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. The meetings will provide information on: updating yields, options for reallocating generic base, 2018 ARC and PLC program selection for seed cotton base acres, and the short & long term implications of the decisions for landowners and cotton, grain, and oilseed producers. Also on the program will be how to handle seed damage through crop insurance and details on signing up for the Market Facilitation Program

For producers and landowners that have already made reallocation and program election decisions, the meetings will provide an opportunity to review (and change) decisions based on: 1) updated 2018 county yield data; and 2) recent policy developments in the 2019-2023 Farm Bill negotiations.

The sign up deadline at FSA service centers is December 7th. Meetings will be held in Dyersburg, Somerville, Alamo, Brownsville, and Jackson (October 29-31; See Generic Base Meetings Flier 2018). We encourage attendees to register so we can get an accurate head count for meals.


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2018 Corn Silage Hybrid Trials Report Now Available

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Our 2018 Corn Silage hybrid trials data has been finalized and is now available on . Here you can find the full pdf version of the report  as well as all tables in either excel format or as web-friendly, sortable and searchable tables.

The online tables have some nice features for finding the data you want quickly and easily.  Here are a few tips for viewing online.

  • Be sure to scroll to the right to view all columns.
  • Use the “previous” and “next” button to see all entries.
  • By default, columns are sorted by yield. If you’d like to sort  by a different column, just click on the column title.
  • If you are looking for a specific hybrid or trait package, the search feature is especially useful.  Just type what you are looking for into the “Search” box at the top right of the table.  For example, typing “TN” brings up all of our TN experimental lines in the test while typing “LL” displays all hybrids that had LL listed in their herbicide trait package.

New this year, we have 1 yr, 2 yr, and 3 yr data in the same table so that you can easily see which hybrids have been evaluated over multiple years and how they performed. Mean separation (MS) letters are also now given for each trait evaluated, rather than just yield. This allows for easy identification of top-performing hybrids for either yield, agronomic, or quality traits. Hybrids that have any MS letter in common, within a column, are not significantly different for that trait.

Be on the lookout for our corn grain prelim report to be posted within the next week!


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