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New publication: Guide to Earliness Management in Short-season Cotton Production

Author: Tyson Raper, Cotton & Small Grains Specialist No Comments

Tennessee cotton is finally ‘growing off’.  Still, here on the 3rd day of July, it appears few farms will reach the coveted ‘bloom by the 4th’.  Although the environment has played a dominate role in maturity up to this point, management decisions emphasizing earliness have been particularly useful in 2015.  This marks the third consecutive year in which managing for earliness has a marked effect on crop maturity by early July. earliness_2015_TN

On the heels of last year’s delayed crop, Dr. Owen Gwathmey and I began discussing potential benefits of managing a cotton crop for earliness and the management practices which encourage timely maturity and harvest with colleagues both within and beyond the University of Tennessee.  We have summarized these thoughts in the attached Guide to Earliness Management in Short-season Cotton Production (PB1830)Continue reading

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Palmer Amaranth Control Issues in Soybean and Managment

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist No Comments

Compared to the past couple of springs Palmer amaranth control is not near as good in soybean.  There have been quite a few reports of PRE applied herbicides not performing well.   In more recent planted soybeans, poor tillage or burndown of large Palmer before planting has allowed a large infestation of Palmer amaranth to become established in soybeans. Continue reading

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Controlling Large Palmer amaranth

Author: Garret Montgomery 2 Comments

Pigweed Growth rateThe recent hot, dry spell has finally afforded many Tennessee producers the opportunity to get in the field.  Unfortunately, this weather has also been very conducive to pigweed growth.  In this weather, the window of opportunity for POST control of Palmer amaranth while it is < 3 inches tall is narrow.  These conditions have led to an increase in the number of calls about how to control large Palmer amaranth.  In soybeans there are no silver bullets, but there are still some options.

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Selecting the Right Nozzle

Author: Garret Montgomery Comments Off

Nozzle selection is not always the foremost thought when preparing to make a weed control application. However, it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the herbicide.  This is especially true with contact herbicides like fomesafen or glufosinate.  Choosing the correct nozzle can be the difference between having a weedy mess or an effective application. Continue reading

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