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Launch of New Soybean Insect ‘App’

Author: Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist No Comments

A new web-based field guide for soybean insects has been launched. This site performs like an ‘app’ wherever you have cellular service and provides general information about common pests, suggestion for samplings, recommended insecticide treatment thresholds, photos, and management recommendations (including insecticide selection).

This site is complimentary of the cotton insect field guide and disease guides for soybean, cotton and wheat developed by Dr. Heather Kelly. You can access the “UT Disease and Insect Field Guides” directly at or from the menu on the UTcrops News Blog at

Tip – Save the UTcrops News Blog website to the home screen of your Android, iPhone or iPad to have app-like access to content including this news feed, the above field guides,, and other content.

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UT Extension County Meeting Schedule, January/February

Author: Tyson Raper, Cotton & Small Grains Specialist No Comments

In addition to the East, Middle and West TN Grain Conferences and the Cotton Focus event, UT Extension is hosting a series of meetings to be held throughout the state to prepare growers for the upcoming season. These meetings will focus on variety selection, insect and plant disease management, weed management, and other current crop production topics.

Below is a list of the production meetings to be held in January and February. Please contact your local UT Extension office for more details on time and location. Continue reading

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Tennessee Grain & Soybean Producers Conference (Dyersburg, Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018)

Author: Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist No Comments

The Tennessee Grain & Soybean Producers Conference will be held in Dyersburg on Thursday, February 1st at the Dyer County Fairgrounds. Free registration is from 7:45 – 8:45 AM. The program includes a trade show, multiple presentations on crop management, and a sponsored lunch. The keynote speaker this year is Greg Peterson of You Tube Farming Sensations and Peterson Farm Brothers discussing “Being an Advocate for Ag: the Role of Millennials”.

2018 Grain Conference Draft Agenda (Revised)

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Middle TN Grain Conference (Tuesday, January 30th, 2018)

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Manchester, Tenn. — The thirteenth annual Middle Tennessee Grain Conference is set for Tuesday, January 30th at the Coffee County Fairgrounds in Manchester. This conference offers farmers insights and solutions to a number of emerging corn, soybean, and wheat production concerns.

The conference will be underway at 7:30 A.M. beginning with registration which is $20 at the door or $10 if pre-registered before noon, Monday, January 25 through their local UT Extension office. Registration fees cover the cost of program materials, refreshments, lunch, conference proceedings (copies of all presentations), and one grain conference cap per person (given at the end of the Conference). Continue reading

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Cotton Variety Guide | 2018

Author: Tyson Raper, Cotton & Small Grains Specialist Comments Off on Cotton Variety Guide | 2018
The 2018 TN Cotton Variety Guide is now available  online. This document summarizes results from the 2017 University of Tennessee Cotton Agronomy program and serves as a precursor to a full release of trial results in PB 1742 to come within the next few days.  Summary tables from the 2017 season were calculated from six Official Variety Trials (OVTs), three large, replicated on-farm trials and thirteen County Standard Trials (CSTs) scattered throughout TN’s cotton producing counties.  To access the document click the adjacent image or the hyperlinks above or below.

Special thanks to all those who participated and/or contributed to the program during the 2016 growing season. See more here: W285

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Defoliation window closing?

Author: Tyson Raper, Cotton & Small Grains Specialist Comments Off on Defoliation window closing?

If historical weather trends are true and our forecast holds, we are staring at one of the last opportunities to use moderate to warm temperatures to coax leaves off and open bolls.  The long term forecast suggests low temperatures next week will consistently fall below 60F with a few nights forecast to touch the low 50s.  Furthermore, rain is in the forecast over the weekend/through the beginning of next week.

Continue reading

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Soybean Insect Problems Remain Generally Calm But …

Author: Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist Comments Off on Soybean Insect Problems Remain Generally Calm But …

With the cool and drizzly weather, not too many people have bee looking at late maturing soybean. But it appears there are not any serious, widespread insect problems. There have been some reports of stink bug and soybean looper infestations, albeit mostly at sub-threshold levels. Having said that, the exception proves the rule. It remains very important to Continue reading

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2017 MidSouth Cotton Defoliation Guide

Author: Tyson Raper, Cotton & Small Grains Specialist Comments Off on 2017 MidSouth Cotton Defoliation Guide

The Mid-South’s cotton crop is rapidly maturing and many of our acres will receive a harvest aid application soon after Hurricane Irma moves through the area.  There are many factors to consider in determining timing, products and rates.   In an effort to outline these decisions and provide harvest aid recommendations for the Mid-South, the 2017 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide has just been updated by the MidSouth Cotton Specialists’ Working Group and is now available online.   To access the guide, click the image above or the included link.  Please keep in mind that this was compiled as a regional guide and should be used in conjunction with your previous experiences.


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