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Southwestern Corn Borer in Non-Bt Corn

Author: Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist No Comments
SWCB Larva (click to enlarge)

Moth traps catches clearly indicate that the first generation flight is peaking (link to moth trap catches). Local moth catches may vary considerably, and that is why we suggest running pheromone traps on your farm if you are growing non-Bt corn. The highest trap catches are on farms in U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuges, primarily because they are not allowed to grow Bt corn. Please link to the publication below for more information about the management of this pest.  Below, I’ve also provided the suggested treatment threshold for southwestern corn borers in non-Bt corn during the whorl stage. Continue reading

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Management of Late Season Johnsongrass

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist No Comments
Photo credit: Todd Rankin

Questions continue to arise on management of glyphosate-resistant (GR) Johnsongrass in corn, soybean and cotton. GR Johnsongrass continues to become more of an issue with each passing year.  The main threat with Johnsongrass is in corn where there are few POST applied options. Continue reading

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Moth Trapping Data

Author: Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist Comments Off on Moth Trapping Data

This is a reminder that moth trapping data for corn earworm (bollworm), tobacco budworm, and southwestern corn borer will be posted weekly during the summer. You can open the Excel file under the Quick Link menu on the left or directly at this link – A few southwestern corn borers were caught this week, indicating the first generation is starting, perhaps just a little earlier than usual. Generally low numbers of corn earworm and tobacco budworm moths were also caught last week.

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Corn Planting Winding Down

Author: Angela McClure, Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist Comments Off on Corn Planting Winding Down

April and May weather have not supported long stretches of field work, and some producers report not planting as much corn as intended.  Have had discussions about how late to continue to plant corn  since we are past the early window for what is usually optimal yield.   Continue reading

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Destroying a Poor Stand of Corn and Replanting Back to Corn

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist Comments Off on Destroying a Poor Stand of Corn and Replanting Back to Corn

A number of questions have come in over the past several days on how best to destroy a partial stand of corn and replant back to corn. Apparently there will be a significant number of corn fields that will have to be replanted.  Continue reading

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Glyphosate-Resistant Johnsongrass Management in Corn

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist Comments Off on Glyphosate-Resistant Johnsongrass Management in Corn

A number of questions have arisen on how to manage the glyphosate-resistant (GR) Johnsongrass that is very prevalent in some corn fields of south west Tennessee.  Much of this corn is now in the V2 to V3 corn growth stage so some decision has to be made fairly quickly before the fields dry. Continue reading

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Corn Herbicide Premixes

Author: Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist Comments Off on Corn Herbicide Premixes

Corn Herbicide Premixes. Judging by phone calls over the last week it seems there is a good number of questions on some relatively new corn herbicide premixes. The three newer corn herbicide premixes are Acuron, Armezon PRO and Resicore. Continue reading

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Tennnessee Variety Test Program Survey

Author: Virginia Sykes Comments Off on Tennnessee Variety Test Program Survey

Things have been busy this past month in the Tennessee variety test program as entries continue to roll in for our 2017 corn and soybean tests. This year we will be testing a total of 86 corn grain hybrids, 11 corn silage hybrids, and 195 soybean varieties across the state of Tennessee.

We know the variety test program is important to many of you. In order to make sure this program continues to meet your needs, we’d like some feedback from you!

If you are a Tennessee corn, soybean, wheat, or cotton producer, please take a few minutes to help us out by taking this survey. Producer – Variety Test Survey

If you are not a producer, but you provide folks with advice on variety selection (scout, retailer, seed company rep), then please take this survey. Industry – Variety Test Survey

Thanks for your help as we continue to figure out ways we can better serve you through our Tennessee variety test program!

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