Tennessee Market Highlights

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Corn and soybeans were up; cotton and wheat were down for the week.

This week corn and soybean prices moved mostly sideways as markets are
awaiting the next round of USDA yield and production estimates. National and
Tennessee yields are anticipated to be record high for both corn and soybeans.
Current national average yield estimates from private companies are 177-182 bu/acre for corn and 50-54 bu/acre for soybeans. Current USDA estimates are national average yield of 178.4 bu/acre and 51.6 bu/acre and for Tennessee 174 bu/acre and 49 bu/acre. A one bushel increase or decrease in national average yield will add or subtract about 82 million bushels of corn or 89 million bushels of soybeans from total domestic production. The USDA releases the September WASDE on Wednesday (September 12). Continue reading at Tennessee Market Highlights.

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