Tennessee Market Highlights

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Corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat were down for the week.

Prior to Friday, wheat futures were up for the week, corn and soybeans were trading flat, and cotton was down around 1 cent. On Friday, the USDA released the Crop Production and WASDE reports and the news was overwhelmingly bearish. As a result,  soybeans were down 43 cents, corn was down 11 cents, wheat was down 18 cents, and  cotton was down 2.0 cents.

Nationally, corn yield was estimated at 178.4 bu/acre, up 1.8 bu/acre from 2017 and an all-time record; soybean yield was projected at 51.6 bu/acre, up 2.5 bu/acre from last year and near the all-time record of 52 bu/acre in 2016; winter wheat yield was estimated at 47.9 bu/acre, down 2.3 bu/acre from last year and down 0.1 bu/acre from last month; and upland cotton yield was projected at 895 lbs/acre, the same as last year (all cotton yield was estimated at 911 lbs/acre, up 6 lbs/acre from 2017). Continue reading at Tennessee Market Highlights.

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