Consider Wheat Herbicide Plant Back Intervals on Failed Wheat Stand Decisions

It will be the end of next week (March 24) before we can tell how badly the wheat was injured from the cold temperatures this week.  Of course, a decade ago we had a similar cold spell that many folks refer to as the Easter freeze.  Back then some fields were destroyed and replanted to other crops while others were kept and went to yield.  Then as now when making this decision the herbicides that have been applied to the wheat must play a factor in how to proceed.

Two herbicides that are readily used in Tennessee wheat, Finesse and Powerflex, do not allow for many crop options to plant before June.  Corn, cotton and grain sorghum are out as the plant back is many months for both those herbicides.  Soybeans are an option but must be a STS, SR or Bolt soybean that has good tolerance to SU herbicides.

Another herbicide that is not used as much in our state, Osprey, also can tie your hands concerning what can be planted within couple months. Corn would not be an option as the plant back after an Osprey application is over a year.  On the other hand, cotton and soybean may be planted 90 days after application.

Fortunately, the two most commonly used wheat herbicides in our state, Harmony Extra and Axial, have fairly short plant back intervals to corn, cotton, soybean and grain sorghum. If just those herbicides were used then all crops are on the table with respect to possible choices to follow a failed wheat stand.  For more specifics on plant back intervals one can access the TN weed control manual or the respective herbicide label.

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3 thoughts on “Consider Wheat Herbicide Plant Back Intervals on Failed Wheat Stand Decisions

  1. The unusually warm temps a few weeks ago ,appear to have soil temps high enough to keep jointed wheat from damage .Weedman 3/23/17

    1. Should have a better idea this week how bad the wheat was harmed by the cold. In general in the what I have looked at around Madison county looks just a little worse for ware. I have heard it gets worse further north though.

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