Soybean Rust Update

Author: Heather Marie Kelly, Extension Plant Pathologist Comments Off on Soybean Rust Update

Soybean rust (SBR) has not been found in Tennessee. All samples from soybean and kudzu collected the week of Aug. 20 – 23 across middle and west Tennessee along the southern border that have been examined have been negative for SBR.

Some of the most recent reports of soybean rust include Cullman County in north central Alabama on August 22nd, and Dallas County in west-central Alabama on August 19th, both found in soybean sentinel plots. Weekly samples from soybean sentinel plots in Tennessee will continue to be monitored for soybean rust.  Based on the soybean rust forecast (found at on the right side of page click ‘SBR Forecast Click for Details…’) spore transport over the 3-5 day forecast is unlikely and only counties along the southern border in middle and east Tennessee are in an elevated SBR ‘watch’ status, whereas the rest of Tennessee is only in the SBR ‘wait’ status.

Later planted soybeans are at greater risk for SBR infection and other diseases that may affect yield.  The best strategy is to scout fields on a weekly basis during reproductive growth stages (R1/flowering through R5/beginning seed), identify any disease that is found, and when necessary apply a fungicide. More information on soybean diseases and fungicides can be found at

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